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2016 Global Community Project Fund Winners’ Project Highlights

Fluor is proud of its employees’ efforts to help effect positive change in communities where they live and work.

Building Classrooms for a School on Isolated Island

Fluor funds and volunteers are providing Caohagan Elementary School, the only elementary school on Caohagan Island, with an additional Classroom and combined Learning Resource Room. Many students live in remote and isolated locations and have to cross bodies of water and large areas of land to get to the school that has only two classrooms shared by 150 students across all grade levels. The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation works to improve children's access to education and stay in school.

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Nominated by: Dianne Margaret Logarta

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Implementing a Landscaping Plan for Triune Mercy Center

Clients, volunteers, employees and beneficiaries, of Triune Mercy Center, many of whom cross a busy four-lane road to get to the center, will have a new safe, landscaped parking lot. Fluor volunteers are helping the center adhere to city code with the design of the project and will implement and execute the landscaping plan. Triune Mercy Center, located in a busy, urban area of downtown Greenville, provides basic needs services to the homeless population of Greenville, South Carolina.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Nominated by: Justin Garrison

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Building a Clean Water Kiosk for Safe Drinking Water in India

With Fluor’s support, Uthaan opened its first Clean Water Kiosk located at a main hub of public transportation. The kiosk is providing safe drinking water at a reasonable price to more than 40,000 passengers commuting from its point on a daily basis. The kiosk is staffed by graduates of the Welfare Center for the Hearing and Speech Impaired. Fluor volunteers took the project from design to start up, including developing training modules for the graduates who are running the Kiosk.

Location: Gurgaon, India

Nominated by: Sanjay Dehran

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Hosting One Day of Weeklong Summer Camp at Local University

Eighty-five female high school students learned what it’s like to be an engineer in the real world. Fluor hosted one day of the Get Science, Engineering and Technology (GetSET) program, part of The Society of Women Engineers of Santa Clara Valley’s flagship outreach program, GetSET. Students learned from women engineers working at Fluor about applications of mathematics and science in real-world situations and were encouraged to attend college and consider pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Location: Dublin, California, USA

Nominated by: Deepa Gupta

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Alleviating Childhood Hunger in Orange County California

Hundreds of families received fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and water collected and distributed by Fluor volunteers at School Pantry Programs. Fluor’s support helps Second Harvest Food Bank provide fresh and healthy foods to children and families in need in a dignified, convenient manner. School Pantries are located on the grounds of local schools, providing a readily accessible source of food assistance to low-income families. The program is designed to curb the effects of malnutrition experienced by children living in poverty.

Location: Aliso Viejo, California, USA

Nominated by: Julie Stokes

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An Equine Learning Center for Therapeutic Horse Riding

New Hope riders now have a place for equine therapy during hot and inclement weather. Fluor funding helped renovate an existing building to include a tack room, hay barn and learning center where students from special needs schools and facilities learn about horses and participate in riding through indoor activities that mimic horseback riding. As a result of the renovations, children with special needs will benefit from equine-assisted activities contributing positively to their cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being.

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Project Lead: Patty Blum

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A Hydroponic Garden and Wheelchair Accessible Garden Beds

Additional garden beds, compost bins and a hydroponic system are significantly increasing the amount of food Project Host produces onsite for its programs. As a result of Fluor funds and volunteers, the Soup Kitchen and Culinary School now have year-long access to fresh produce. Additionally, culinary students learning skills for employment in the food service industry are using the fresh produce to prepare meals for children of low-income families. Project Host was a Fluor Centennial Fund Best-in-Class winner in 2012.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Nominated by: Jill Mashburn

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Beautifying Park in Remote Villa El Salvador

Fluor’s funding and volunteers, in partnership with students and staff at La Buena Esperanza school and members of the community, helped complete the remaining improvements at Oasis Park of Villa El Salvador. Improvements at Oasis Park began with funding from Fluor’s 2014 Global Community Project Fund. The park now has sidewalks and a green space near the school that is safe for recreation and family integration, and where children can play freely and families can keep in touch with nature.

Location: Lima, Peru

Nominated by: Anghella Perez

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A Clean Water Source at a Group Home for Senior Citizens

As a result of Fluor’s funding, 350 abandoned senior citizens at Bhandwari village have access to clean, safe drinking water. Fluor volunteers managed the entire project for Earth Saviors Foundation from identifying the location, designing the water filtration plant, water quality testing, procurement and installation of the filter package. The filtration plant will play a vital role in ensuring good health of the senior citizens at the group home, or Gurukel, many of whom are terminally ill or mentally challenged.

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Nominated by: Arun Dhiman

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Creating a Home for Children in Treatment for Cancer

Families bringing their children to Cebu City for cancer treatment and follow up care now have a refuge and a sanctuary at Balay Silungan. Balay Silungan, which means house of shelter, also serves as a location for dispensing free cancer treatment medicines. Fluor’s funds and volunteer employees helped Cancer Warriors Foundation with the design and creation of the Kids and Family Sanctuary. They also sponsor and facilitate inspirational initiatives and activities for the children and their families at the home.

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Nominated by: Franklin Rahf Alvarez

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